Named in OPEN magazine’s list of  50 most creative Indians, Amit Heri’s yoga teachings are centered around holding space for people to experience the depth of Classical Indian Yoga as a pathway to modern well-being. As a native Indian educated in the United States, he has a unique capacity to bridge the East and West into the universal and timeless experience of Yoga.



Amit’s intention with teaching yoga is to empower people to overcome negativity and to stay connected with the positive aspects of their being and existence. Using the spectrum of physical practices, his purpose is to challenge mental barriers and break through preconceptions that limit people from experiencing peace and joy as the center of human existence.



His clear-cut and compassionate method empowers students to attain greater awareness, clarity and consciousness in their practice and in their lives. His teachings stem out of his own experience with yoga as a transformational process – from shifting ignorance, ego, attachment/aversion and fear – based thinking to a more conscious, peaceful and trusting outlook.

Prasarita Padottanasana C


Growing up in Bangalore, India, his interest in yoga was kindled at the age of 14, and role modeled by his parents, teachers and others with their positive mental outlook, attitude and disposition, in spite of the many challenges they faced in their day to day lives. His yoga studies in India have been in various systems of Hatha Yoga – Ashtanga and Iyengar included. His teachings are interdisciplinary and focus on devotion (bhakti) to the practice of stabilizing, balancing and opening the body as a means to liberate the mind and connect with heart and divine energy (Shakti).